Our DocStream story

The cosmopolitan natives

It was a Beirut summer in 2016. We were freelancers teaming up. One question sparked a lot of thinking: How can we be both global in professional pursuits and deeply native to the cultural heritage of the Middle East?

DocStream Team is anchored in a region that birthed the world’s oldest cities and writing systems – a small yet profound fact that fuels our passion. That said, our founding members have refined their craft across different academic and cultural settings, including English-, French-, and German-speaking universities. Our editorial practice draws on this blend of localism and global exposure, striving to convey both historical depth and contemporary relevance.

Our connection to the Arabic language transcends mere service provision. We see ourselves as its custodians, carrying in our hearts the intellectual richness that has shaped it over the centuries. From the integration of Persian and Greek sciences in the Middle Ages to the modern renaissance inspired by European journalism, we consider it our mission to contribute to this ongoing cultural growth.

The scientific poets

Drawing on the historical interplay between Eastern and Western traditions, and guided by the Classical pillars of grammar, logic, and rhetoric, our team infuses each assignment with both methodical rigor and aesthetic flair.

As graduates in humanities and social sciences, we navigate between scientific research and poetic passion; between the astonishing performance of language technologies and the craftsmanship of patient and creative human labor; between the extreme precision needed in legal documents and the imagination required for literary works. We strive to make each output accurate, but also vibrant, and most importantly: true to the original intentions of the authors.

Our engagement with the ancient word adab (humanist literature) is not just about critical thinking and communication skills; it is an affirmation of a vision of no separation between learning, working, and spiritual and moral growth.

The professional students

DocStream originated as a collective of Syrian refugees united by a spirit of cultural survival and lifelong learning. Our founders channeled their classical and modern education into supporting various civil society organizations, research institutes, and arts and culture initiatives. After a series of editorial partnerships based on mutual respect and shared goals, their vision for DocStream evolved not just as a business venture, but as an active and sincere contributor to the publishing industry in the Middle East and North Africa region.

At the core of DocStream is a team of seasoned editors committed to learning. They cherish feedback, thrive on charitable criticism, seek out new editorial methodologies, and continually update their approaches based on insights from colleagues and clients. Our operational model is designed for ongoing continuous improvement on three levels:

  • Project-level timeliness and quality,
  • Client-level needs and preferences, and
  • Team-level research and development.

We apply this tripartite approach to every piece of work, whether in translation, design, or consultancy. Our goal is not only to meet but to continually surpass the highest standards, thereby contributing to a state of collective professional growth.

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